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    Site Notice Suzhou Dengmu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Welcome to the country market distributors, resellers join, investment, Tel: 13915510288!!

    Engraving Machine Products

    Suzhou Dengmu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production and sale of CNC engraving machine in one of the specialized enterprises. Rigorous work attitude and dedication to customer service business philosophy, strong technology, responsive after-sales support from our team, "tripod wood" brand.
    Our main products are advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, carving machine, laser engraving machine, marking machine, CNC tooling machines and other types of CNC machinery. Sales and service outlets in 48 cities......

    The contact: Mr. Wei
    Mobile phone:13915510288
    Sales calls:0512-67590090

    Unified national customer service
    Showroom address: suzhou city door north street no. 1490
    The factory address 1:615 in suzhou high-tech zone and one\\\'s post to better men 3 factories
    Water strip factory address 2: nanjing jiangning development zone
    Factory address: nanjing LiShui district hong blue zone phoenix road scene
    Email address:leowei@szdengmu.com
    The url:www.jiankong800.com

    Metal sculpture
    Metal sculpture
    Mold engraving machine
    Mold engraving machi…
    High light sculpture samples
    High light sculpture…
    Laser engraving
    Laser engraving
    Advertising engraving
    Advertising engravin…
    Wood carving
    Wood carving
    Laser engraving
    Laser engraving
    Stone carving
    Stone carving